Hi there! It's our pleasure to get to know you. We're three young entrepreneurs living in Netherlands, UK and Italy. We know how it feels like to live in a place you didn't grow up in, great experience that in my opinion everyone should try, at least for a while. But we realized it can get scary and lonely at times (there's always a catch, damn it!). What we're trying to do is to create a community of people around the world and help each other in different aspects of our life. Grow, physically and spiritually. No lectures nor anything like that, there's enough of those around in our opinion. Your help will be necessary and essential, please contact us with your deas and opinions. (Or tell us how's your life going. We're strangers but willing to listen). Wether you speak English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian or French we can communicate. Or any other language! (google translate! ...Do Not Judge our grammar!) We'll do our best to make this possible. 

Until then, have a good one.

healthy-start.net team